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Certified Organic Essential Oils

Certified Organic Essential Oils
Essential Oils
Our Professional Range of Essential Oils, from the named
botanical species, are of the highest quality available and are
particularly appropriate for aromatherapy use.
Belonging to the same family as the Lemongrass and Citronella, and a very close relative of the Gingergrass, though Gingergrass is considered as an inferior oil, in parts of India - the two types of grass are distilled together. Palmarosa is also known as the East Indian Geranium. Palmarosa has a fu..
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While the various Rosemarys'  are generally interchangable, there are some differences in the genetic chemical make-up that might be due to geographical or environmental differences. Rosemary is derived from the Latin ros (dew) and marinus (sea). "Sea dew" alludes to it's pr..
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A fast growing small shrub, with needle thin leaves, is a native medium sized tree to the North East region of New South Wales, coinciding with the border of Queensland. There are over 300 varieties of Melaleuca, however, only one, the Melaleuca alternifolia, contains great amounts of antisepti..
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One of the most recognisable herbs in the garden, with small tightly packed aromatic leaves, that stem from a woody evergreen bush that flowers in purple or white. The garden thyme is an improved variation of the Wild Thyme from areas native to its mountainous habitat. It may be companion planted al..
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As its name suggests - Wintergreen is among a few species of plants that bear fruit and it's leaves are always green through winter. This allows the forest animals to consume the plant and plays an important source of winter food. A small low growing plant that grows to around 15cm. With its rich gr..
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Ylang Ylang - "The Flower of the Flowers" oil. A highly fragrant flower which produces an exquisite essential oil. Ylang Ylang oil was originally produced for the perfume industry. The tree is commonly grown and the oil from the delicate flowers are distilled in the Comores Islands, and Madagas..
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