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Clary Sage French Essential Oil

Clary Sage French Essential Oil
Clary Sage French Essential Oil
Clary Sage French Essential Oil
(Salvia sclarea)
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A short-living herbaceous perennial, with grey-green wrinkled ovate leaves, with blue - white tubular flowers starting from June/July to August, and growing to a metre in height. The large leaves grow off a central stalk that bends with the weight of the flowers. The flowers are lilac or pale blue, pink or white, in whorls on top of the stems, with the upper lip curled up. The leaves are broad oval or heart-shaped, in pairs, 6-9 inches long, covered with fine silver-white hairs, almost stalkless. It blooms from June to July.

The geographical origin of Clary Sage determines the levels of constituents. Generally though, the oils are very similar, and can be used for treating the same conditions. Salvia comes from a Latin word "salvere" meaning "to heal or save". Clary comes from a Latin word "clarus" meaning "clear". It is very rich in antioxidants and contains sclareol which is very rare when distilling essential oils. Sclareol, a diterpene alcohol, is very similar to the chemical structure of the hormones produced in the human body.

Clary Sage French is considered to be the superior of all versions of this oil. There are two types of French oil. The traditional type distilled from wilt-dried leaves and the Vert Broyer distilled directly from fresh leaves. The traditional is the most valued but is a lot more expensive.

Clary Sage has been used to relieve depression, anxiety, nervous tension, stress related conditions, and fear. Helps to ease migraines and insomnia, menstrual-related problems such as PMS and cramping, a good tonic for the womb, as it also eases labor and reduces labor pains. Helps treat back and muscular aches and joint pain, and eases some respiratory conditions. Even in skin care, it can help to regulate excess sebum production and prevent acne, boils, dandruff, hair loss, inflamed conditions, oily skin and hair, opthalmia, ulcers and wrinkles. Having high levels of esters and alcohols (approximately 90-95% of the constituents) helps to contribute to the sedative and analgesic effects.


Blends well with :  Cardamom, Coriander,  Cedarwood, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Juniper, Labdanum, Lavender, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pine, Sandalwood and other Citrus oils.

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