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Infused oils are traditionally used for topical application to treat a wide variety of skin conditions, and are made by extraction of the herb into an oil base. They can be used as ingredients in creams, shampoos etc., mixed with carrier and/or essential oils or even used in full strength. The mace..
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A familiar, healthy and beneficial humble plant, that contains valuable amounts of vitamins A, C, B1 and B2. Usually, one would think of carrot - as the edible orange root, with fine fern-like leaves, known commonly as the annual or biennial herb D. carota ssp. sativus, and another variety in contra..
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An evergreen tree of approximate height of 10-15 metres, with leathery stiff elongated leaves. The best and most desired bark is collected on a juvenile tree that has red leafed tips. The flower is a delicate white with a pale yellow centre, that then produce fruit about the size of a small olive. T..
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This castile soap is coconut derived and is light and liquid. It is suitable for all types of cleansing needs – baths, showers etc and is suitable for all skin types and ages. Castile Soap also serves as an excellent shampoo. Just remember to use a slightly acid rinse after shampooing, as any minera..
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A very popular oil used in cosmetics, Castor oil is a mild moisturiser with excellent film forming and pigment-wetting properties.Castor Oil is obtained by cold pressing of Ricinus communis L. seeds...
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This tall evergreen conifer (average height around 40-50 metres), is considered and recognised as a true Cedar wood, originating from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, and possibly the mountainous area of NW Algeria, between 1000 - 2000 metres above sea level. Some height exce..
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Chinese Cedarwood, also known as Chinese Weeping Cypress, is an evergreen coniferous tree is grown in the foothills of SW and Central China. A medium sized tree of about 20-35 metres in height. The wood is collected and steam distilled to offer this Essential Oil.It is suggested, that the Chine..
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Usually distilled from the waste wood, or the sawdust, shavings, stumps of this tall 50 metre evergreen tree which grows in high altitudes of cold areas of the Himalayan region of North India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. A true Cedar wood. It is the national tree of Pakistan. The Deodar tree is ..
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A dense evergreen coniferous tree averaging a height of no more than 27 - 30 metre in height, the bark is a fibrous reddish-brown, which peels off in narrow strips. In many areas the trees are considered an invasive species, even though they are native to the land and area. The trees are capable of ..
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A culinary plant known around the world for garnishing, and as a staple vegetable. The seeds are extracted from the mature white flowering heads of the familiar biennial plant / vegetable that grows to around 40cm - 60cm. The stalks of the celery are collected early in the morning, and allowed ..
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Used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener and as a carrying agent for other ingredients. Made from palm oil.White, solid, waxy droplets or flakes, with a characteristic bland odour. Melting point 50 to 56 degrees celcius...
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One of Two Main types of Chamomiles we know today (the other is the German or Hungarian type)  - the oils from these two types are also very distinguishable and the effects of one can in no way be prescribed to the other. The English or Roman type chamomile oil are relatively the same species, ..
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