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Raw Materials

Raw Materials
Essential Oils
Our Professional Range of Essential Oils, from the named
botanical species, are of the highest quality available and are
particularly appropriate for aromatherapy use.
Natural thickener used to stabilise emulsions (creams, lotions) & improve texture.Natural alternative to chemical binders.May also be used as a resin and carrier for essential oils.Appearance: Fine free flowing powderColour: Off-whiteOdour: Little to no odourDirections: Keep out of reach of chil..
Ex Tax:$16.50
Versatile ingredient that can help to soothe, cool and protect the skin when incorporated into skin care formulations.Excellent for dry, damaged and ageing skin (usage level is between 0.1% - 10%)Appearance: Mobile liquidColour: Colourless to pale tanOdour: Little to no odourExtraction: Low temperat..
Ex Tax:$14.85
Combination of vegetable oil and waxes including Leatherwood Beeswax and Cocoa Butter. PLEASE NOTE: Auroma's Balm contains Peanut Oil...
Ex Tax:$11.00
Natural solid ingredient which is used in the production of handmade water/oil emulsions, balms, candles, creams, cosmetic and lotions.Cleansing, astringent and moisturising properties.Compatible with most other waxes, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and plant glycerides.Auroma uses Beeswax Leatherwood...
Ex Tax:$16.50
Small light coloured pieces or beads - White Beeswax has been bleached to remove the colour and minimise odour. This variety is commonly used in the production of cosmetics, creams and lotions as the colour and odour may blend discreetly into a light base. Also used in the production of balms a..
Ex Tax:$13.15
Acts as a fragrance fixative and preservative in incense making, cosmetics and perfumes.Contains anti-oxidative, preservative and antiseptic properties.Stimulating and warming.A few drops of the resin via steam inhalation may help to aid respiratory conditions.Appearance: Viscous mobile liquidC..
Ex Tax:$19.80
An infusion of natural sugarcane ethanol and the gum resin obtained from the Styrax benzoin.Provides skin protection and contains preservative and antiseptic properties.Appearance: Clear mobile liquidColour: Pale yellow to yellowOdour: Sweet, Balsamic aromaExtraction: Ethanol extractionPlant Part: G..
Ex Tax:$11.00
Collected from a tropical Palm Tree, native to Brazil. A hard yellowish/brown wax-like substance in it's pure form is obtained from the leaves of the palm, which after been dried is then beaten to loosen the wax. Further processes of refinement and bleaching allows the final..
Ex Tax:$15.40
Used as an emollient, emulsifier, thickener and as a carrying agent for other ingredients. Made from palm oil...
Ex Tax:$22.00
When creams are created - a blend of oils and waters are commonly used. The age old saying of "water and oil don't mix" .... to overcome this - an emulsifier or surfactant is used.An emulsifier's most useable characteristic is its ability to be attracted to both water and oil and it is thi..
Ex Tax:$9.35
The Boswellia group of trees consists of some 20 species found in the dry tropical areas of N.E Africa and Asia. When the tree is cut, it exudes a milky liquid that solidifies to an amber oleo-resin/gum that is collected for steam distillation. There are some differences as it is a different tree wi..
Ex Tax:$82.50
Used as a solvent, humectant and lubricant. Clear, colourless viscous mobile liquid with almost no odour . Compliant to USP 39Vegetable-derived. ..
Ex Tax:$7.70
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