Shea Butter

(Vitellaria paradoxa)

Product Code:VOSHE

A natural vegetable fat obtained from the fruit of the Shea-Karite Tree which is native to Africa. So, also known as Karite Butter and African Butter, Shea Butter has been used by Africans for beauty and healing for countless eons. High in A, E and F vitamins which is an excellent source for the relief of Rough and Dry skin conditions. Auroma's refined Shea Butter is appropriately used for in massage as a balm for sore muscles, burns, wounds and rheumatism, with the butter melting into the skin as soon as it is applied.

Shea Butter is obtained by suitable mechanical means from cold pressings of the nuts, from the seeds of the fruit of The Shea-Karite Tree Vitellaria paradoxa. This is a refined product.


* Auroma also offers this refined Shea Butter in a certified organic butter that is an approved ACO (Australian Certified Organic) product. * Please check our "Certified Organic Vegetable Oils & Butters" Section. *


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