Argan Oil Organic

(Argania spinosa)

Product Code:VOARGVOD

Argan Oil is derived from the kernels of the Argan Tree which is found only in Morocco. Once, the peel/flesh of the fruit has been consumed (mainly animal feed), the arduous method of removing the hard nut shell to reveal the oil-rich kernels (of up to 3) is demanding and highly time consuming - as this is done manually by hand. A tradition that the local women of the area would perform. This is then cold pressed into an oil to obtain a rich thick golden hue in colour with an intense nutty odour, though this initial method of extraction is mainly used for culinary purposes to have the oil consumed in their foods.

However, for the cosmetic industry, it is highly prized for its rich moisturisation & nourishment properties - so then, the oil is taken through another few steps to refine and minimise the colour and odour for the use in skin and hair care products.

Finally, the product we have today is a pale yellow in colour, a deodorised odour that may have a slight nutty characteristic, overall a very minimal aroma oil. All the better to compliment and enrich any skin and hair care product.

* * * Organically grown, recognised and approved ACO (Australian Certified Organic). This product is ACO certified. * * *  


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