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Rose Otto Bulgarian Essential Oil

Rose Otto Bulgarian Essential Oil
Rose Otto Bulgarian Essential Oil
Rose Otto Bulgarian Essential Oil
(Rosa x damascena)
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Traditional Bulgarian Rose Otto is considered the finest of all rose oil scents.  "The Valley of the Roses" located in Central Bulgaria which has been established for over 300 years is a well known and regarded area. This beautiful oil is water distilled, to protect the delicate flowers, and aroma. The petals are picked (very early in the morning - to maximise the oil content), and placed into a vat of water, which is heated to release the essential oil. This process produces Rose Otto and Rose Water. Rose oil Bulgarian is produced to a very high and consistent quality standard and is the finest and fullest of the Rose oils.

There are over 100 species of Roses, and thousands of cultivators. Most species are native to Asia, with the remaining in Europe, N. America and NW Africa. The modern name Rose comes from French, itself from Latin Rosa , which was perhaps borrowed from Greek to Old Persian, if not older Parthian language.

Rose helps to open your heart, even if it has been closed for a long time, from grief, loneliness, self doubt or fear. There has been suggestion, that Rose oils works particularly well on reproductive system, and is a tonic for most systems of the body. Rose has been used in skin care for all skin types, particularly for dry, sensitive or mature skins.

Blends well with : Most oils and is useful for "rounding off" blends. The Bulgarian is considered to be the premium in perfumery work, bu tin therapeutic practice - it is more a matter of differing properties between the types of rose.

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