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Parsley Seed Essential Oil

Parsley Seed Essential Oil
Parsley Seed Essential Oil
Parsley Seed Essential Oil  
(Petroselinium crispum)
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This cultivated biennial perennial herb plant can grow up to 70 cms in height, has green foliage and small green/yellow flowers and small brown seeds. The crispum variety is the curled leaf, the desired choice for use in herbal medicine. The common parsley bears close or flat leaves, is considered a hardier by nature herb than those of curled variety. However, the curled are superior in every way. The variety crispum was grown in very early days, being even mentioned by Pliny. Parsley oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the crushed ripe fruits of cultivated Parsley.

Parsley was traditionally used in making tea for treating gallstones and dysentery. Trusted as a powerful carminative, the leaves, seeds and roots of Parsley were used in treating numerous digestive problems including diarrhoea, ulcer, flatulence and colic pain. The juice extracted from the roots of this plant was used in folklore medicine as a diuretic and for treating kidney disorders like nephrolithiasis (kidney stones). High in vitamin A and C, parsley is also used as a culinary herb. Parsley is the most widely cultivated herb in Europe, and the most-used herb in the United States.

The herb and seed are used medicinally for kidney and bladder problems, but has also been used for menstrual difficulties, digestive complaints and for arthritis, rheumatism, rickets and sciatica. It is said to stimulate hair growth, and help eliminate lice, as well as aiding in beauty treatments for broken capillaries, psoriasis and varicose veins. It is said, that it helps to regulate menstruation and maintains uterine health. Parsley Oil also gives relief from problems associated with menstruations, such as abdominal cramp and pain, nausea, and fatigue.

Safety Precautions: Flammable.

Blends well with : Clary Sage, Neroli, Rose, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang and Spices oils.

FACT : In certain parts of the British Isles it used to be believed that the gift of a parsley plant would make a woman pregnant or increase her fertility. Crushed Parsley leaves have been used for topical application for insect bites, skin parasites and skin tumors.

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