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Beeswax Organic

Beeswax Organic
Beeswax Organic
Beeswax Organic
(Cera Alba)
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Natural solid ingredient which is used in the production of handmade water/oil emulsions, balms, candles, creams, cosmetic and lotions.

Cleansing, astringent and moisturising properties.

Compatible with most other waxes, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and plant glycerides.

Auroma uses Beeswax Leatherwood.

Organically grown, recognised and approved ACO (Australian Certified Organic).

Appearance: Solid wax

Colour: Pale yellow to dark yellow

Odour:  Sweet, strong, reminiscent of honey

Extraction: Melting (Hot Water)

Plant Part: Honeycomb

Certifications: Australian Certified Organic

Directions: Keep out of reach of children

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