Beeswax White

(Cera Alba)

Product Code:GWBEEW

Small light coloured pieces or beads - White Beeswax has been bleached to remove the colour and minimise odour. 

This variety is commonly used in the production of cosmetics, creams and lotions as the colour and odour may blend discreetly into a light base. Also used in the production of balms and candles.

Cleansing, astringent and moisturising properties.

Compatible with most other waxes, fatty acids, fatty alcohols and plant glycerides. 

Appearance: Solid wax pastilles

Colour: White to off-white

Odour: Sweet, faint odour, reminiscent of honey

Extraction: Melting (Hot Water), then bleached to remove colour

Plant Part: Honeycomb

Directions: Keep out of reach of children


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