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Ecol Dishwashing Liquid

Ecol Dishwashing Liquid
Ecol Dishwashing Liquid
Ecol Dishwashing Liquid
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ECOL Dishwashing Liquid is a performance dish washing liquid for the environmentally conscience. It is extremely bio-degradable, contains no skin irritants, no dyes or artificial additives and leaves no toxic residue.

Our ECOLogic range contains no benzene sulphonates (petroleum detergents). These detergents are powerful and persist in waste water long after use. They foul up sewerage works and rivers with great masses of foam.

Benzene sulphonates are powerful detergents; they are anionic i.e. they release anions in conjunction with sodium when dissolved in water, this gives the water a high pH (or alkalinity). The skin, naturally balanced at a low to neutral pH is adversely affected by high pH solutions. Benzene sulphonates are also so powerful they dissolve the waxy protective layer on the skin thereby facilitating entry of irritants and drying and cracking of the skin. Eyes are extremely sensitive to high pH and anionic detergents, including soap, cause them to sting.

ECOLogic is extremely bio-degradable and degrades 10 times faster than common detergents. Degrading completely into harmless substance within 3 days. Most bio-degradable liquids take 30-40 days to degrade.

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