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About Us

Since 1982, Auroma has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of essential oils, carrier oils, natural skin-care products, raw materials, perfumes and fragrances for the professional user in Australia. Auroma has supplied these products for use in the flavour, fragrance, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. We are proud of the inter-personal relationships we have developed with growers/distillers and suppliers throughout Europe, USA, India, China, Asia, the Middle East, and naturally, within Australia - introducing many professionals to new, exquisite oils, and base products.

Quality is an essential ingredient of any Auroma product. Before a product is accepted by Auroma, it must comply with a strict set of guidelines. The Code of Good Manufacturing Practice is maintained by Auroma's Quality Assurance Team to guarantee our range of products are useable, environmentally friendly and of the highest quality. Auroma's Personal Body Care products are made in Australia, and are certified cruelty free.

Auroma's facilities operate using Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and have been certified by external regulatory body. Essential oils are packed on-site in our clean rooms, enabling us to guarantee the purity and authenticity of the products you purchase.

From skilled growers, distillers and suppliers around the world to our laboratory and on to you the consumer, Auroma carefully manages the process of providing the highest quality essential oils and products. With a combination of trusted international relationships, industry expertise, attention to detail and the best manufacturing practices we are able to offer a world-class product to our customers.

Direct from
the source

One of the most important issues when using essential oils for therapeutic benefit is the quality of the oil. Quality of an oil can only be guaranteed by two methods:

  • 1) Knowing your supplier
  • 2) Physically testing the quality of the oil yourself

...Auroma does both.

Auroma can absolutely guarantee the quality of supply because we have long-standing direct relationships with international growers and suppliers. We have a policy of purchasing from reputable growers only, and will never compromise on the quality of the oils we sell.

Delivering Quality

Auroma prides itself on being the most fully resourced, technologically up-to-date manufacturer of Aromatherapy and essential oil products in Australia.

Part of our commitment to quality includes the provision of a purpose built on-site laboratory, staffed by industry experts.

Auroma are the only company in Australia with the technology and ability to analyse and validate each essential oil on the premises. We are able to do this by conducting Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) testing and analysis as well as a number of vitally important subjective tests.

TGA Certified Facilities

The Auroma Quality System enables us to offer consistent products to a defined standard. Auroma have a commitment to quality that can be measured by our "Accredited Certification" in Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). This means we have introduced an objective 'third party' to ensure the highest quality standards are being enforced.

Auroma are also listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) who ensures that our manufacturing processes meet stringent standards. One of these standards is the provision of a filling room for the bottling of essential oils.

With two TGA rooms on-site, Auroma are able to run an efficient production process, under constant surveillance. Each clean room has a positive airflow, providing an environment, eliminating unwanted micro-organisms that could affect the quality of essential oils.
Auroma also have stringent Quality Control (QC) procedures in place. Prior to beginning the fill process, the odour and clarity of each batch of essential oil is checked.
Procedures are also in place ensuring that the correct bottles and labels are used for each batch run.

One Man's Vision

Auroma is the dream of John Fergeus, a man with an amazing passion for the power of essential oils. Essential oils have played an integral part in John's life since the mid-1970's.

The original business started at home, with John mixing and blending oils and bases himself. With a longstanding interest in the raw materials and extraction of oils from plants, John decided to apply his entrepreneurial skills at the beginning of the 1980's to create a market for the finished product - the Auroma shops.At this time, people were buying synthetic fragrances, and Aromatherapy had not yet become an industry. Auroma focused on essential oils and was one of the pioneering companies involved in developing the Aromatherapy industry to where it is today.

Auroma is a reflection of the times as well as a leader. Since it's inception, Auroma has maintained its core range of essential oils, which is continually expanding as new oils are introduced and the supply of others drops off. In fact, Auroma has one of the most extensive ranges of quality essential oils in the industry.