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Title: 100 Organic Skin Care recipesAuthor: Jessica RessSubtitle: Revitalize your natural glow with Facial masks, Body scrubs Home Spa treatments and morePages: 224Language: English..
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Title: A Scented LifeAuthor: Pat Princi - JonesSubtitle: This book details what different essential oils can do for you and demonstrates the many different ways to mix and apply oils in your daily life for maximum long-term benefits.Pages: 207Language: English..
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Natural thickener used to stabilise emulsions (creams, lotions) & improve texture.Natural alternative to chemical binders.May also be used as a resin and carrier for essential oils.Appearance: Fine free flowing powderColour: Off-whiteOdour: Little to no odourDirections: Keep out of reach of chil..
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Easily absorbed nourishing carrier oil used for massage and skincare.Excellent moisturising oil when applied directly to chapped, rough or skin.Blend with essential oils to create your own moisturiser or massage oil.Appearance: Slightly viscous liquidColour: Pale yellowOdour: Little to no odour..
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Versatile ingredient that can help to soothe, cool and protect the skin when incorporated into skin care formulations.Excellent for dry, damaged and ageing skin (usage level is between 0.1% - 10%)Appearance: Mobile liquidColour: Colourless to pale tanOdour: Little to no odourExtraction: Low temperat..
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15 mL Amber glass bottle. (Bottle Only) Approx. External Measurements = Diameter 28 mm / Height 44 mm (glass) 63 mm ..
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Relaxing and grounding essential oil that may help to aid digestion, nervous tension, insomnia and provide temporary relief of colds and flu.Can assist in revitalising dull, congested or irritated skin.Blends well with Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Juniper Berry, Patchouli, Vetiver and Citrus oilsAppearanc..
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Common scent in soaps, cosmetics and perfumes.May help to aid digestion, colds and flu and muscle aches, in addition to building up the immune system.Blends well with Citrus and Spice oils.Appearance: Mobile liquidColour: Colourless to pale yellowOdour: Sweet & warmExtraction: Steam distillation..
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Spring blooms of bursting Apple blossoms that are warm, yet light and delicate, soft , floral fragrance with a subtle touch of apple. Useful for sachets, powders, pomanders, draw liners, coat hangers, pot pourri and room fragrance. Safety Precautions : Environmentally  Hazardous..
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Light textured, nourishing and easily absorbed carrier oil which contains Vitamin E. May provide soothing relief when applied directly to inflammed, sun damaged or chapped skin.Blend with essential oils to create your own facial, massage or daily body oil. Appearance: Slightly viscous mob..
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Excellent moisturising and nourishing carrier oil when applied directly to hair, face or body.May relieve dry, damaged or flaking skin. Smooths, moisturises and protects hair - beneficial when incorporated into skin and hair care formulations.Organically grown, recognised and approved ACO (Aust..
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Obtained from CO2 extract of Arnica montana flowers.Can be applied directly to skin, mixed with carrier and/or essential oils or incorporated into skin and hair care formulations. May assist with the treatment of mild skin conditions.Appearance: Slightly viscous mobile liquidColour: P..
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