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Plastic Bottles, Measuring & Misc.

Plastic Bottles, Measuring & Misc.
Essential Oils
Our Professional Range of Essential Oils, from the named
botanical species, are of the highest quality available and are
particularly appropriate for aromatherapy use.
Clear transparent plastic Lip Balm Jar in 3mL.Lid included...
Ex Tax:$22.00
2 mL disposable clear transparent plastic pipette.0.5 mL increments marked along the side...
Ex Tax:$7.15
Droppers TO-FIT:   15mL Amber Glass Bottle..
Ex Tax:$94.60
Droppers TO-FIT:   25mL Amber Glass Bottle..
Ex Tax:$96.80
Droppers TO-FIT:   50mL Amber Glass Bottle..
Ex Tax:$11.00
7 mL Clear Glass Vial. Comes with Black Lid.Approx. External Measurements = Diameter 16 mm / Height 48 mm (Glass Body), 60 mm (with Lid)..
Ex Tax:$52.80
European Glass Beaker for measuring :*** Sold INDIVIDUALLY ***50 mL    :   Approx. Measurements = Diameter 40 mm / Height 58 mm100 mL  :   Approx. Measurements = Diameter 49 mm / Height 70 mm..
Ex Tax:$8.80
40mm Glass Funnel for accurate pouring.*** Sold INDIVIDUALLY ***..
Ex Tax:$11.00
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