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Massage & Body Oil Bases

Massage & Body Oil Bases
Essential Oils
Our Professional Range of Essential Oils, from the named
botanical species, are of the highest quality available and are
particularly appropriate for aromatherapy use.
A rich blend of vegetable oils with an environmentally friendly vegetable derived dispersant. Your towels and linen will wash clean, and your skin will feel soft and nourished.Use for massage or as a base for aromatherapy body oils (add 10 drops essential oil to 20mL Easy Wash).Ingredients:  So..
Ex Tax:$13.75
Take the work out of creating your base blend with Auroma’s Rich Massage Oil. This rich and luxurious blend of vegetable oils has been designed for the professional or you can use it at home as a daily body oil. The special selection of high quality, cold pressed carrier oils are:   S..
Ex Tax:$10.95
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