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Skin Care

Grape Seed is beneficial to use in facial treatment when you don’t like the feel of a heavy or thick oil on your face. Make up a small bottle and use twice daily to help promote healthy, moisturised skin. This blend is generally good for all skin types.



15mL Grape Seed Oil Pure

2mL Carrot Infused Oil

2mL Rosehip Oil

15 drops Chamomile Matricaria 3% in Jojoba Oil

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil

1 drop Orange Sweet Essential Oil


Combine all ingredients in a 25mL bottle and apply a light film over clean skin. Place a warm flannel over the skin, to help the pores open, and leave for 5 minutes. Then gently massage face and wipe away excess oil with damp cotton pads.

NOTE : For external use only. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs, check sensitivity when using essential oils.