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Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute
pure essential oils
Jasmine Absolute
Jasmine Absolute  
(Jasminum officinale)
  • Product Code: ABJAS

Pure, natural highly concentrated absolutes are produced from delicate flower petals by very careful and gentle low temperature extraction procedures. Due to the minute amounts of oil present, this method is the only practical method of production. The intense labour involved with picking and processing as well as very low yields obtained, make these absolutes extremely expensive. 

Utilising the highly fragrant and prized delicate flowers of this desirable shrub plant. It offers a delightfully fresh, sweet, powerful odour of the freshly picked Jasmine flower.

The major component of Jasmine Absolute is benzyl acetate, the quantity of which changes depending on country of origin (predominantly Egypt and India). 8,000 Jasmine flowers weigh 1kg, from which typically 1.5g of absolute is eventually obtained. Jasmine is only available as an absolute, there is no distilled essential oil; although we can distil the oil from the absolute, the low yield makes it expensive.

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