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Cananga Essential Oil

Cananga Essential Oil
pure essential oils
Cananga Essential Oil
Cananga Essential Oil
(Cananga odorata)
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This slight variation from the original Philippine tree, as well as the acclaimed African variety, grows in abundance and wild in Java. Cananga Oil still holds some of the similarities as Ylang Ylang in odour.  A highly fragrant flower which produces an exquisite essential oil. Cananga Oil is sourced from wild trees grown in Java. These trees are generally small, but can reach a height of 30 metres tall. With large, oval and shiny leaves, the flowers start as greenish in colour, then about 20 days later, will become a yellow and highly fragrant flower.

These flowers appear constantly, and more abundantly, during the rainy season. Suprisingly, the tree bearing the smallest flowers, produce the more desired aroma, yet strangely, the flowers from the wild trees have less perfume. Many varieties of this tree are cultivated for essential oil production (see Ylang Ylang), in areas of Madagascar and the Comoros Islands. Cananga still holds some of the similarities as Ylang Ylang in odour, however is not as sweet.

Seen as a supreme calming and euphoric essence, Cananga calms the nervous system, uplifts the spirits and considered to be aphrodisiac in nature. Excellent in skin care for its balancing effects on both dry oily skin.

Traditionally the flowers were used by the islanders to adorn the beds of newly weds. The flowers were infused to produce an oil that was placed on the skin and hair for good health and to help protect it from the elements. A body rub, containing Canaga was recorded by a botanist in the mid 19th Century that was used to combat fever and contagion during the rainy season.

Blends well with :  Cypress, Geranium, Cedarwood and Jasmine.

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