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Chamomile German CO2 Extract

Chamomile German CO2 Extract
pure essential oils
Chamomile German CO2 Extract
Chamomile German CO2 Extract
(Matricaria chamomilla)
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Carbon dioxide extractions utilise only pure carbon dioxide as a solvent. CO2 extraction produces extremely pure plant extracts. These oils are safe to be used directly on the skin. 

The German chamomile grows about 60 cm high and has a hairless branching stem, with delicate feathery leaves and simple daisy like white flowers on single stems. Chamomile has been used medicinally since antiquity.

Chamomile is considered to have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Useful in massage and skincare. Very Calming.

As as CO2 extracted product, there are some differences when compared to an Essential Oil:

The product is opaque and is rather dark in colour, a deep green/brown mass, with characteristic Chamomile odour. 

Bottled as a viscous - to -  semi-solid - to - solid substance. Which during cooler weather, this product may be in a solid state and would require heating (possibly up to 40°C) to return to a liquid form.

Dilution in vegetable oil recommended.

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