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Peppermint BP

Peppermint BP
pure essential oils
Peppermint BP
Peppermint BP
(Mentha x piperita L.)
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The genus Mentha comprises of over 20 individual species with a diversity of varieties and chemotypes, most of which have aromatic foliage. However, only the essential oil extracted from M. piperita and M. arvensis (Cornmint), has the sharp, crisp and familiar aroma we associate with the term ‘peppermint’. Mint is a day-length sensitive plant, requiring long days (> 16 hr) for optimum oil production, from extracting the essential oil from the leaves.  The world's third most important flavour. 

M. piperita is a perennial herbaceous plant reaching a height up to 1 metre and has smooth, quadrangular upright stems that branch towards the top. The plant propagates by underground runners called stolons, and its spreading, invasive habit and rampant growth rate forms an abundant carpet of oval, serrated, deep-green coloured leaves. The flowers are spike shaped and usually purple in colour.  It has longer leaves than that of Spearmint, with purple stems. Considered a hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint (M. aquatica), it has pronounced flavor and is the classic source of mint essential oil.

This is simply Piperita oil that has been distilled to meet current BP specifications.

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