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International Standards

International Standards
Essential Oils
Our Professional Range of Essential Oils, from the named
botanical species, are of the highest quality available and are
particularly appropriate for aromatherapy use.
A colourless to pale yellow mobile liquid, that has been naturally derived by steam distillation from Mentha arvensis, with a penetrating, characteristic strong, fresh, bitter-sweet mint odour. Most commonly used as a fragrance in soaps and detergent, cosmetics and perfumes, and especially indust..
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The genus Mentha comprises of over 20 individual species with a diversity of varieties and chemotypes, most of which have aromatic foliage. However, only the essential oil extracted from M. piperita and M. arvensis (Cornmint), has the sharp, crisp and familiar aroma we ..
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Pine Oil is the oil obtained from the tree commonly known as pine, which grows wild throughout Europe and parts of Asia. There are over 100 species of Pine some which are not for medicinal use. Additionally, there are several parts of the tree that can be used as well.  A handsome height of 40 ..
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With over 700 species of Geranium catalogued, only a few are known for their production of essential oil, the most common is Pelargonium graveolens, which is cultivated around the world. Depending upon the geographical location there are slight variations in odour, colour and the levels of constitue..
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Ylang Ylang - "The Flower of the Flowers" oil. A highly fragrant flower which produces an exquisite essential oil. Ylang Ylang oil was originally produced for the perfume industry. The tree is commonly grown and the oil from the delicate flowers are distilled in the Comores Islands, and Madagascar. ..
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