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Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils
pure essential oils
pure essential oils
The mandarin - a member of the orange family, is a smaller tree, with a smaller fruit. They originated in China, they are now grown around the world, with the essence being developed in Italy. This mandarin variety, Citrus reticulata, Rutaceae, is the largest and most varied group of edible citrus. ..
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Marjoram is from the genus of Origanum, which comprises of nearly 40 species that are native to the Mediterranean area, which in some Middle Eastern countries, the Marjoram (O. majorana) is the same as oregano (O. vulgare). Therefore their common names, as we know them in the grocery shop&..
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Marjoram Spanish is not a true marjoram, but a species of wild thyme. Gathered and distilled in Spain, but also found in Morocco and Portugal. Other names it is known by, are Wild Spanish Marjoram, and Mastic Thyme. Please always refer to the Botanical Name for the required speci..
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Relatively new to the Essential Oil Industry, as its only been in the market for less than 20 years. This Australian native grows between 3 - 8 metres around swampy lowlands, along creeks and behind sand dunes in coastalareas, on low level to high salinity soils. M. ericifolia is calming and relaxin..
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The herb has been used since antiquity in western herbal medicine and much of its activity is due to the essential oil content. A major benefit is its use as a mild, uplifting tranquiliser to calm 'overheated' conditions of stress and anxiety.Steam distilled from the freshly picked leaves and flower..
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There are approximately 190 species of Commiphora,  distributed from Africa across to India, the Myrrh resin is a natural gum that exudes from the naturally occurring cracks of the smallish 3 metre thorny plant, shrub, tree. The ducts within the bark of the plant, holds the gum resin, and when ..
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The Myrtus is the flowering shrub/tree of the Myrtaceae family, with 2 recognised species, M.communis (native to the Mediterranean region), and M. nivellei - Saharan Myrtle (native to North Africa). Locations vary between the mountainous and rocky areas which surround the Mediterranean.Thi..
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This oil is distilled from the flowers/blossoms of a Bitter (or Sour) Orange tree. The seedlings are planted along the streets and avenues of Marrakech, Morocco. Where manufacturers buy from the municipalities direct for the right to pick the flowers in March and April.The high cost of Neroli Oil is..
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Niaouli is commonly used in New Caledonia, distilled from the leaves of the tree, Naiouli is from the same family as Cajeput and Tea Tree. The tree was introduced to Florida, this is the nuisance invasive tree that grows wild in the everglades, as this tree surprisingly has a vigorous re-s..
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A tropical, evergreen tree, that grows to an average height of 12 - 15 metres, and originating from the Banda Islands of Indonesia. The Nutmeg tree will start fruiting by the 6th year and will peak its harvesting period after 20 years. The fruits are ready to harvest 9 months after floweri..
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The Boswellia group of trees consists of some 20 species found in the dry tropical areas of N.E Africa and Asia. When the tree is cut, it exudes a milky liquid that solidifies to an amber oleo-resin that is collected for distillation. There is a difference with B.serrata (see. Frankincense) as it is..
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The Bitter Orange is a spiny evergreen tree, thought to have been a hybrid between a citrus tree - pomelo & a citrus tree - possibly mandarin. The tree is gratefully responsible for producing Neroli Essential Oil (the flowers of the tree), Petitgrain Essential Oil (the leaves & twigs), Orang..
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